First European university to host lectures by Proto hologram

Loughborough University will beam in lecturers from other institutions and from a satellite campus, will show 3D objects, and provide information via an avatar.

Loughborough University professors Vikki Locke and Gary Burnett demonstrate the hologram system on campus

Speaking to the Guardian, Prof Vikki Locke, director of undergraduate studies at Loughborough business school, said students “absolutely love” the technology and have been begging for selfies with the gadget. They would prefer “a guest speaker from industry beaming into a classroom to a 2D person on the wall”, she added.

Zoom calls led students to “feel like they were watching TV … there’s a distance. A holographic image is a lot more engaging and real to them.”

“Education has always been a key use case as we developed the Proto platform,” said David Nussbaum, inventor and CEO of Proto Inc. “In Loughborough we have a perfect partner to show all the ways the technology can boost education, in an environmentally sound way, for the first time in England.”

Proto holographic display booths were adopted by the University of Central Florida in 2021 to support medical education, supported by a $75,0000 grant from a US health services provider.

The company has also recently unveiled a platform aimed at the retail industry, combining its holographic display with conversational AI capabilities.

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