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Editorial Guidelines

All editorial published in AV Magazine and related digital media is FREE and published on merit in order to protect the integrity, independence and objectivity of the brand. Editorial content cannot be bought, and bears no relation to customers using AV as their advertising platform.

About AV Magazine?

AV Magazine’s editorial mission is uncompromising – to deliver authoritative content with integrity; that will strategically transform businesses and address the issues that shape this innovative industry. AV doesn’t ghettoise a technology. We put it into a business context and look at what a particular vertical market needs. We are the buyer’s guide that helps educate the market for the vendors, and supports specifiers with their buying decisions. AV Magazine acts as the bridge between the channel and the end-user, and our mission remains the same 47 years on – to educate, inform and inspire.  Our dedicated, conscientious journalists conduct research, analyse and deliver exclusive content aimed to help you.

How to receive editorial within AV?

We LOVE receiving your news, so please contribute, below you can find guidelines on how:

Print Content

The content is made up of comment, analysis, research and trends, all independently written by AV. We do not have any news or products information in the magazine. If you wish to be included in these features please email David Allen to be added to the monthly PR synopsis.

Print Case Studies

Clive Couldwell, Group Editor handles all major case studies we run in the magazine. To be considered these need to be exclusive to AV Magazine – so published with us first, we will not consider case studies sent out to the general public as a lead story. All case studies must have a good user story, great testimonials and wow imagery. We work well in advance and happy to sign NDAs.

Digital Platforms

Guy Campos, Deputy Editor handles all content across our digital platforms. Online news is anything from new products/services; hiring new staff; business news; case studies; industry views and opinion. We update with about 20 stories per day. Please send your content in the form of a Word document press release, along with high resolution images for consideration.

Thought-led Industry Content

Clive Couldwell, Group Editor is responsible for the content of all events the AV brand delivers including panel debates, end-user roundtables, conferences and training events. If you feel a gap in the market, and the need for us to address a pertinent industry issue in the form of an event, please contact Clive.

Why we need you to register when receiving AV Magazine?

Circulation and data management is of utmost important to AV Magazine. We outsource our data to a global data management company in order keep it clean and manage it effectively. This is also designed to make us fully GDPR compliant.

The ABC (Auditing Bureau of Circulation) independently audits our circulation annually.

Make sure you keep your records up to date and resubscribe annually when you are contacted to ensure you do not drop off the circulation and keep receiving AV Magazine.

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