LianTronics and Esdlumen relocate to larger US facility

The new 600 sq metre office and warehouse in Las Vegas, which is part of the LED brands’ global localisation strategy, will facilitate an improved service and faster delivery times.


LianTronics and Esdlumen have relocated their US office and warehouse to a larger facility, to allow it to offer an improved service and faster delivery times.

The upgraded branch, which is part of the brands’ global localisation strategy, is 600 sq metres and is more accessible.

Sales director for the Americas, William YU, said: “You can reach Harry Reid International Airport in 12 minutes and UP-LAS VEGAS-NV railway station in 14 minutes.”

“We have various well-liked and in-demand models in stock, such as commercial advertising displays, out-of-home displays and rental displays, as well as fine-pitch LED displays.

“In total, there is 2,000 sq metres of inventory available now. We are supplementing the stock dynamically to meet the needs of our customers.

“The facility enables faster delivery, with lower labour and transportation costs. It also allows us to send engineers on site to advise customers on design and installation, and offer technical training and technical support.”

LianTronics and Esdlumen – Liantronics group’s LED display brands – also have offices in the Netherlands, Japan and Hong Kong.

Summer YE, executive vice-president of international business at LianTronics and Esdlumen, said: “Last year, we celebrated the opening of the upgraded branch in the Netherlands. The response has been positive, proving that our global localisation strategy is beneficial.

“Meanwhile, we are considering more in-depth actions to elevate the customer experience. With a dual-brand strategy, LianTronics and Esdlumen always maintain a steady pace to provide professional visual products and services to clients worldwide.”

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