Inside Pixel Artworks’ extraordinary Lighthouse workspace

The office features a 16 x 2.5 metre, 1.95mm pixel pitch LED wall from Dynamo LED Displays in an immersive theatre together with a range of eye-catching LED displays and AI integration.


Pixel Artworks Lighthouse is an extraordinary workplace in Farringdon, London that’s designed to inspire and amplify creativity. The new cutting-edge office space boasts a sleek, modern design that’s engaging and spectacular.

The office also features an immersive LED room and interactive LED screens from Dynamo LED Displays, designed to elevate the senses and take the imagination to new heights.

Arguably the most spectacular of these LED features can be seen in The Originals Theatre. Here a 16 x 2.5 metre, 1.95mm pixel pitch, 270º immersive LED room showcases a variety of content including a miniature version of Pixel Artwork’s popular Outernet experience The Butterfly Trail.

Speaking about the installation, Pixel Artworks’ managing director Tom Burch, said: “The Originals Theatre is our 270º wraparound LED space in The Lighthouse, the home of Pixel Artworks. It was designed to showcase our slate of Originals experiences – Pixel Artworks owned IP experiences – and offer clients an educational experience on LED technology.

“We designed the LED room with curved corners to create a more seamless viewing experience and to avoid breaks in perspective which occur using 3D workflows on conventional or square corners. As the Originals Theatre is dedicated to featuring the best of our content experiences, we opted for the 1.9mm DRE series over SMD due to its superior contrast and colour reproduction. The resin coating also provides the required durability for an audience who get very close to the screen.”

Dynamo LED Displays also provided other LED features at the Lighthouse, including:

  • The Bar, a 5.5 x 1.5 metre LED wall split up by joinery into 28 sections that can show video content in the individual sections as well as on the screen as a whole.
  • The Interactive Wall, a 3 x 2.5 metre LED wall which features AI integration that allows visitors to input prompts via a tablet. These are then used to manipulate the camera feed from the screen to display imagery relating to the original prompt.
  • The History Wall, a 2 x 2.5 metre LED display that shows Pixel Artwork’s recent projects including Dubai Airport where Dynamo LED Displays also worked with Pixel Artworks.

“We are delighted to acknowledge our partnership with Dynamo for this project,” added Burch. “They were supportive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.”

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