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Spurred by change, Absenicon evolves


Addressing the evolving demand is the Absenicon - a groundbreaking all-in-one LED screen designed for conferencing. It is available in a standard large size with a 16:9 aspect ratio, presenting a singular solution that enhances presentations, brainstorming sessions, and decision-making processes. Boasting intelligent interactive LED technology, the expansive screen measures…

Navigating hybrid work: how monitors make a difference


The widespread shift towards hybrid work has posed fresh challenges for businesses across the globe. The primary focus is on enhancing working experiences and maintaining productivity when employees work in different locations. Although companies have deployed various strategies and tools to facilitate this evolving mode of collaboration, monitors are often…

Aetria: The scalable and future- proof control room solution


Awareness of how audio visual solutions can help consolidate control room operations, improve team collaboration and increase situational awareness for operators is growing, but is still far from comprehensive. It means traditional control rooms often lack the scalability and flexibility required to accommodate future technological advancements and changing operational needs.…