Spurred by change, Absenicon evolves

Gone are the days when meeting spaces adhered to conventional setups. In recent years, corporate solutions have undergone a remarkable transformation, driven by the imperative for change spurred on by the pandemic.


Addressing the evolving demand is the Absenicon – a groundbreaking all-in-one LED screen designed for conferencing. It is available in a standard large size with a 16:9 aspect ratio, presenting a singular solution that enhances presentations, brainstorming sessions, and decision-making processes.

Boasting intelligent interactive LED technology, the expansive screen measures over 100 inches. Beyond this, it features an integrated document display and a high-definition projection screen equipped with remote video application capabilities, making it ideal for diverse settings such as university lecture theatres, conference rooms, lecture halls, exhibitions, and private theatres.

The availability of solutions in various sizes, coupled with the resolution of the supply chain crisis, ensures timely deliveries to meet short deadlines. With newly established centralised stockholdings, a more energy-efficient supply chain is now in operation, aligning with the Absen Green initiative. This initiative guarantees minimal delays and quicker response times in the delivery of products.

Launched in November 2021, Absen Green is committed to incorporating green and eco-friendly practices across all levels and departments. The fan-less design of all Absen indoor products contributes to low noise operation, while automatic brightness adjustment technology ensures adaptability to the surrounding environment for outdoor displays. Moreover, the incorporation of 16-bit high grey correction technology and unique fog surface processing minimizes light pollution, reducing glare and eye strain.

Absen continues to strive for sustainability improvements within the industry. Product design focuses on standardising the use of platforms across the same series, thereby reducing raw material costs. The manufacturing process emphasises the use of low carbon emission materials, with ongoing research into low power consumption solutions.

The Absenicon 3.0 Series
Responding to market demands, LED all-in-one solutions, like the Absenicon 3.0 Series, have expanded in size. The sleek design incorporates an embedded system controller, power supply unit (PSU), audio, and hidden cables, eliminating the need for external devices. This Absen Green product with an ultra-slim frame provides an immersive experience with stunning visual performance. Its user-friendly and intelligent interface facilitates seamless operations and content sharing across various applications.

Furthermore, the evolution in corporate practices has fostered collaborations among LED partners. Absen, aligning with this trend, is actively designing innovative products with leading platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom in mind. This digital transformation positively impacts corporate solutions, enabling companies to meet efficiency demands.

A showcase of Absen’s corporate solutions, including the Absenicon X, will be featured at ISE 2024 on the Absen booth (3P300). The X series, one of two new LED display solutions, offers large formats (108”/136”/163”) with improved clarity through flip-chip COB technology, user-friendly controls, and seamless displays.

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