AV Awards 2023: Celebrating with the best

The AV Awards provide a platform for recognising and rewarding the whole AV Industry – the people, businesses, projects and technology that have stood out against the competition over the past year. Clive Couldwell, AV Magazine’s group editor, would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our partners for their support, and to each guest who joined us in the awards’ 25th year.


It only seems a blink since 2012, and our 40th anniversary – and 2022 was a special year for the magazine, marking 50 years. In that time – AV, the tech – has grown enormously, becoming a vital enabler.

This year’s AV Awards marked the 25th year in which we have celebrated excellence in the industry and the sold-out gala presentation of the awards on 3 November was another triumph. With 1,400 people present, attendance equalled the pre-pandemic peak set in 2019.

This strong support for the AV Awards matches the findings of our latest research which shows an industry that is confident about the future. It is also a measure of the breadth and scale of AV, and the development distance it has travelled in recent years, which is nothing short of extraordinary.

The AV Awards provide an opportunity to recognise individuals and companies at the forefront of this progress, and to showcase projects which demonstrate outstanding excellence. But none of this would be possible without the entrants who put forward their finest work, and the awards themselves wouldn’t have the value and the cachet that they do without the contribution of our independent panel of expert end users and consultants. They bring their real-world experience to bear in their assessments of the submissions.

For many, the AV Awards is not just about the winners and the shortlisted entrants. It is the industry’s leading networking event and an opportunity for companies to bring teams together on a special night to acknowledge everyone’s contribution.

This is the place where the AV industry unites as one big family for a fantastic celebration of the creative application of audio and visual technology to modern day challenges. It was a pleasure for us to join the winners and all of our guests on this very special night of the year.


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