White spot appears on world’s biggest LED screen at Sphere

The white spotting was captured on social media at 1am on Boxing Day, just under six months after the 55,700 sq metre Exosphere began operations on the 4 July.


A white spot has appeared on the world’s largest LED screen – the 55,700 sq metre Exosphere outdoor display at the Sphere.

The malfunction was reported by the Las Vegas Locally X (formerly Twitter) account at 1.30am local time on Boxing Day.

The account, which appears not to be familiar with the workings of LED, said: “A mysterious crack has appeared on the surface of the Sphere.”

The account also posted several photos of the white spot, crediting them to photographer Amber Michelle.

The malfunction was also confirmed by a reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper at about 10am on Boxing Day. A report in the newspaper said a small number of the Exosphere’s 1.2 million LED pucks stayed white when the rest changed colour. Even in the daylight and with some pucks not working, the Sphere was popular with onlookers, the newspaper added.

A spokesperson for the Sphere told the Review-Journal that there was no damage to the Exosphere, in response to the social media report of a crack.

The white spotting comes just under six months after the Exosphere began operations, with a 4 July celebration featuring the Stars and Stripes.

The Sphere posted a Happy Holidays video online on Christmas Day, showing the Exosphere covered in festive red and white gift wrapping before revealing holiday greetings.

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