Digital Projection to show new models and light sources

The company will demonstrate two single-chip, high-brightness projectors, the upgraded Satellite MLS with improved light sources and fibres and the three-chip TITAN laser projectors at ISE.

The EV10000i-WU-002

Digital Projection will launch two single-chip projectors at ISE.

Both models offer features usually reserved for high-end three-chip projectors, such as source redundancy, brightness sync and auto white balance correction.

The E-Vision 16000i WU boasts a newly upgraded electronics platform that shares much of its functionality with the flagship TITAN series.

Central to the new design is the implementation of Texas Instruments’ new 0.8” high efficiency pixel digital micromirror device (DMD), which offers a higher brightness than was achievable on the 0.67” DMD.As the new DMD is optimised for solid-state illumination, the brightness has been increased to 16,000 ISO lumens. The increased tilt angle on the DMD mirrors allows for a wider colour gamut, while ‘blacker blacks’ are achieved by diverting light away more efficiently from the lens when the mirror is in the ‘off’ position. Also new is the E-Vision 10000i, which boasts 9,600 lumens brightness and a dynamic contrast of 20,000:1.

Satellite MLS
Digital Projection has also upgraded the Satellite MLS with improved light sources and fibres.

The new devices feature 20,000 and 30,000 lumen modular light sources, compared with 10,000 lumens for the original model. The light sources make installations easier by removing the need for ‘many-to-one’ fibre configurations, giving more flexibility. The new fibres’ decreased diameter and higher efficiency also reduce system costs.

The three-chip TITAN range of laser projectors, which was launched at last summer’s InfoComm, will also be showcased for the first time in Europe.

The devices, which are suited to a wide range of commercial environments, can deliver up to 47,000 lumens at WUXGA and 41,000 lumens at 4K-UHD resolutions.

Both models incorporate Digital Projection’s ColorBoost +Red Laser technology, which utilises red lasers, alongside the traditional blue laser phosphor system, to display vibrant colours. The new model is 15% more efficient when measuring the lumens-per-watt output than the current TITAN. It offers 40,000 hours’ illumination in ECO mode, with a filterless design suited to 24/7 operation. The extra power and capability have been engineered into a more-compact chassis, meaning it is 27% brighter, 13% smaller, 7% lighter and 3dBA quieter than the current model.

Digital Projection will be on Stand 3K700 (Hall 3) at ISE.

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