Crestron launches 1 Beyond PTZ cameras for hybrid work

1 Beyond’s PTZ camera range can be deployed to offer ‘automated, broadcast-quality video production” across large spaces, and will work seamlessly with Crestron Flex systems.

Crestron 1 Beyond PTZ
Photo: Crestron

Crestron Electronics has launched anew 1 Beyond PTZ camera product lineup.

1 Beyond’s speaker tracking, auto framing, and other innovations will work seamlessly with the Crestron Flex videoconferencing platform, leading to solutions that address massive growth in the hybrid collaboration market.

Crestron’s latest family of products will introduce four novel camera solutions, complete with optical zoom to capture images without pixelisation or distortion.

The i12 and i20 cameras operate with Visual artificial intelligence (AI) framing and tracking features, while the p12 and p20 function as standard devices working in tandem with Crestron’s Automate VX multi-camera speaker tracking solution.

Using an onboard processor and embedded reference camera, the i12 and i20 cameras capture each subject in frame with smooth, intelligent features with AI-powered tracking tools.

Crestron 1 Beyond PTZ SIghtline

Crestron 1 Beyond PTZ Sightline Cameras. Photo: Crestron

The i12’s visual computing features can also follow subjects wearing masks and zoom into subjects with 12x optical zoom to film one or multiple subjects up to 25 feet away.

i12 cameras can also pair to capture people entering and exiting zones, switching between cameras with ease. However, i20 cameras can zoom in further with 20x optical zoom to capture subjects up to 50 feet away.

With Crestron Automate VX, up to 12 cameras can film simultaneously in a single room or space, switching between devices to frame and track people from multiple angles.

The fresh lineup of cameras is designed to tackle the growing demand for automated cameras used across large meeting spaces. To film in-room participants, regardless of their positioning, Crestron’s 1 Beyond PTZ products offer clients clear, tracked shots of subjects in meeting spaces along with smooth, high-resolution images.

Users can easily install the premium devices to create either full-room or standalone options, and each camera is certified for use with Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, Crestron has designed each product in-house for full interoperability with Crestron Flex solutions, empowering users with one-touch meeting connectivity and functionality for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.

Users can simply tap the cameras to launch “automated, broadcast-quality video production” across large spaces.

Brad Hintze, executive vice president of global narketing at Crestron, said the new family of cameras were “the latest leap forward in our growing portfolio of hybrid work solutions.”

He added that the cameras were “designed to redefine the video experience in larger meeting spaces” to ensure all participants were captured “with perfect clarity,” no matter their location or positioning.

Hintze concluded: “This innovation is a testament to our commitment to enhancing meeting equity and engagement in the evolving landscape of workplace collaboration.”

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