Böhm named head of Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe

The company’s former senior vice-president for engineering, quality assurance and service has been appointed president and managing director, replacing Bernd Eberhardt.

Christof Böhm (left) will replace Bernd Eberhardt, who is stepping down as president and chief executive

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe has appointed Christof Böhm as president and managing director.

Böhm will succeed Bernd Eberhardt, who will step down as president and chief executive, on 1 February.

With over 30 years’ experience with Sharp/NEC – most recently as senior vice-president for engineering, quality assurance and service – Böhm will lead the company into the next phase of development.

As the joint venture continues the business transition, the company will move to full ownership by the Sharp Corporation. The first significant co-development will be the Sharp-branded second-generation MultiSync ME Series large-format display range.

Yoichi (Joe) Tomota, president of Sharp Europe, said: “We would like to thank Bernd Eberhardt for his long and highly successful career and 30 years of service with Sharp and NEC. With his unwavering commitment to the business, he has led the company to many milestones, including the joint venture between Sharp and NEC, which was announced in 2020.”

Böhm said: “We will not compromise on the long-life reliability of our products, while our excellent industry-leading service operation continues to provide peace of mind for our customers – even as we go through further business transitions to the Sharp brand.

“Our company has experienced change before, and our customers have experienced continuity in the areas they value: quality, service and sustainability. We will continue this commitment in the future.”

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