ISE to sponsor immersive light arts festival in Barcelona

Llum BCN’24, which ISE will be sponsoring for the third consecutive year, will illuminate the streets of the city’s Poblenou neighbourhood from 2-4 February. 

ISE will be sponsoring the Llum BCN’24 light arts festival for the third year running.

The fusion of artistry and technology will illuminate the streets of Barcelona’s Poblenou neighbourhood from 2-4 February.

Among Llum BCN’24’s 46 light installations will be 13 created by international and local artists and 17 by architecture and design schools based in Barcelona.

The festival’s centrepiece will be a presentation by the British studio United Visual Artists.

Patterns and Recognition: A Composition in Three Parts by United Visual Artists will comprise three installations that seamlessly blend new technologies with traditional media such as sculpture and performance.

ISE will host an Llum BCN Tech Talk on 31 January at which delegates will be able to enjoy an exclusive preview of the project.

ISE managing director Mike Blackman said: “We’re thrilled to collaborate once again with the extraordinary Llum BCN, a visual symphony showcasing the magical union of art and technology.

“It perfectly mirrors the theme of ISE 2024, ‘Your Destination for Innovation’, offering attendees a mesmerising glimpse into the intersection of technology and artistic brilliance right here in Barcelona.”

For more about Llum BCN, click here Llum BCN | Barcelona City Council 

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