AVI-SPL introduces global Enterprise Managed Services

AVI-SPL will track, monitor, manage and report on AV, digital signage and UC technology, with local service in more than 60 countries.


AVI-SPL has launched an Enterprise Managed Services solution covering AV,  digital signage, and UC technology throughout the modern workplace, in rooms and the cloud.

Announcing the new service, the company said no other managed service in the industry supports as broad a technology set in as many countries.

AVI-SPL added that organisations increasingly rely on the availability and performance of collaboration solutions, but IT professionals often face challenges with technology reliability and are concerned about IT talent scarcity.

AVI-SPL’s Enterprise Managed Services is designed to alleviate this burden for IT, offering a turnkey solution to track, monitor, manage, and report on AV, digital signage, and UC technology throughout the modern workplace.

This enables IT leaders to accelerate the return on their AV and UC investments by improving technology up-time and supporting happy and productive employees.

Key highlights include:

  •  Extensive coverage: This service encompasses all AV, digital signage, and UC technology including wide-ranging, advanced support for devices, on-premises infrastructure, and cloud platforms.
  • Global reach: Enterprise Managed Services provides unparalleled worldwide coverage, with 24/7 remote support from AVI-SPL’s Global Help Desk and local onsite support in more than 60 countries.
  • Simple deployment: With fixed per-room pricing (or per-player for digital signage), the service is simple to procure and scale, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness for businesses of all sizes.
  • Comprehensive support: AVI-SPL takes on the responsibility for the support and management of customer technology, applying ITIL management best practices, certified technicians, and best-in-class industry applications to ensure optimal performance and end-user experience.

“Our turnkey approach to Enterprise Managed Services ensures IT leaders can focus on strategic initiatives, confident that their entire communications and collaboration technology domain will perform seamlessly,” said Tim Riek, executive vice president of technology solutions for AVI-SPL.

AVI-SPL’s Enterprise Managed Services covers the entire lifecycle of AV, UC, and digital signage technologies. Services include asset inventory, device monitoring, software and firmware upgrades, cloud administration, preventative maintenance, remote incident and problem management, field dispatch when needed, and analytics and reporting. The service also seamlessly integrates with third-party calendaring, ticketing, and manufacturer cloud solutions.

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