Blackmagic Pocket camera modification creates controversy

High-quality video and CGI renderings for the Nexus G1, which turns the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k into a box camera, have driven speculation about whether the project is real.


A high-profile modification of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K has run into controversy.

The Nexus G1 project, by Brisbane-based Thomas Boland, is a modular box form-factor cinema camera built around the sensor and main electronics of the Blackmagic product.

But a high-quality video about the Nexus G1 and expensive CGI renderings have led to speculation that the project would try to obtain money from people via a “bogus” crowdfunding campaign.

The speculation has grown so intense that Boland issued a statement on the project’s Facebook page.

He wrote: “I would just like to clarify something about the project which has generated some scepticism.

“Some people may find it peculiar that a ‘flashy’ animated video and high-quality renders are being circulated on the Nexus G1 even though it is a product in only early development stages.

“This is not usually something that is done because to get renders and animations done would typically cost a lot of money, which would be better spent on R&D.

“However, this project is different because I am not only an industrial designer and filmmaker, but also a CGI artist (it’s what I do for work) and I am backed by my family, who I work with daily.

“This gives us the unique ability to very easily share the project using our own expertise, at an early stage, to get critical input from people who have far more experience in the film industry than we do – this ‘mastermind’ input of the community is the foundation of the Nexus project, and what excites me/us most of all.”

The statement continues: “The entire project is self funded, and will continue to be until we have completed development, have proof of concept and prototypes.

“While crowdfunding may be the wisest way to fund production of the Nexus, no plans have been made or even suggested that this will happen yet, and all reference to crowdfunding by people is speculation.”

Another controversial aspect of the project is the fact that Boland is based in Australia – as is Blackmagic Design. Questions have been asked as to why another company is producing the mod, rather than Blackmagic itself.

For more information about the Nexus G1’s technical specification, see the project’s Facebook page here. To join the waiting list for the Nexus G1 click here.

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